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Year-Round Campaigns

"Promise Pursuit" for Christmas Toy Drive

Christmas Gifts_edited_edited.jpg

Year-Round campaign to meet our promise of blessing >15 families for Christmas in 2024. 

Lifting Burdens Back 2 School Drive

School Supplies_edited_edited_edited_edi

Year-Round campaign to lift school supply list burdens for parents for 2024 within Cobb County

Selfless Acts of Kindness


Pop-Up Meal Services

Serving hot meals at street level and/or in partnership with homeless shelters to cook, serve, and congregate with our fellow man.

Food/Water Distribution

Food/water distribution to those in need; ranging from sack lunches to non-perishable food items and water.

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Gratitude Drives

Community focused donation drives for the things that we, at times, may take for granted (i.e. bare necessities, socks, warm weather gear, etc.)

School Support/Partnerships

Partners in Education affiliates providing support through in-kind donations, food/snacks, adopt a family, grounds beautification, and overall fulfilling the needs provided from the school.


HTM Helpers Pantry

Clothing, non-perishable food items, toiletries/necessities, and more pantry maintained by HTM; open year round to support those in need

Disaster Relief Aid

HTM, Inc. has been adamant at supporting those impacted by natural disasters by providing family sponsorships, temporary financial housing assistance, impacted local nonprofit support, and food/water donations. We are currently working to expand our services to disaster areas with on the ground dispatch relief for affected communities in need.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone who leverages HTM, Inc. for Disaster Relief aid requests are met and/or exceeded.

Recovery to Resilience

Temporary Financial Housing Assistance

Providing one-time financial housing assistance to support individuals and families who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, and/or recently homeless; in which providing financial assistance will prevent homelessness through short-term room stays, hotel/motel stay extensions, and rental payment assistance.  

Upcoming Projects

Project Multipack (coming soon)

New Leaf Village (planning in progress)

Project that aims to provide self-sufficiency, resources, and new beginnings to those impacted by homelessness through community based tiny home rehousing. 

Project that aims to provide dispatchable emergency food/water distribution and necessity relief through “Mobile Multi-Closet” pantries; addressing not only food insecurity and food desert gaps in bestowing adequate nourishment, but will supply clothing, shoes, baby items, and personal hygiene products to fill the gap in helping our community thrive.


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