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Meet our Founder & CEO

Shannon Jones

Philanthropy. equals. Purpose

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Nothing changes, if nothing changes; therefore, passion and purpose should always outweigh fears and doubts - @Noble_Virtuez

Shannon Jones is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Helping the Multitude, Inc.(HTM, Inc). A Georgia native by way of Alabama, raised in Dekalb County, Shannon attended elementary through high school in this area and extensively served with nonprofit organizations as a participant, volunteer, and employee since 2005. After years of volunteerism and a burning passion to do more in embarking a greater change, Helping the Multitude, Inc. was founded in 2018; with the organization becoming a fully formed 501(c)(3) July 2020.

Since the very beginning, Shannon was brought up in an anguishing household where she redirected her despair and energy to education and selflessness; thus, quickly developing a deep passion for charitable work that in turn presented as her purpose. After graduating high school, Shannon joined the AmeriCorps program as a team lead, through Hands on Atlanta, serving in the Atlanta Public School system; implementing beautification projects and after-school programs while introducing student support groups through creative initiatives surrounding expression and mindfulness. Shannon continued her efforts of support, by enlisting 6 years within the Air Force Reserves while simultaneously engaging in philanthropic and humanitarian opportunities.


Due to her upbringing, military, and nonprofit career, she has acquired indispensable experiences and proficiencies that she purposefully strives to fuse in impacting positive and increased change for underprivileged communities. There is a substantial population of homelessness, food insecurity, and overall human service issues that need to be addressed with action and follow through; therefore, HTM, Inc. is readily available to stand in the gap.


In addition to operating HTM, Inc., she is a supply chain management professional within a Fortune 500 Company, small business owner, and an active participant in multiple community service/awareness projects, alongside being a member of various professional organizations.  

An avid dance enthusiast, coffee lover, and one whose big on family, she lives within the Cobb County, Georgia area with her husband and five children, who have every ounce of her heart.


“Thank you for taking the time to embark on this journey of selflessness with HTM, Inc. I am elated with every opportunity to helping those in need, as I know that my purpose is being fulfilled” – Shannon Jones

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